Aspiration and Intention

As a Christian nation New Westralia strives to be a world class destination for spiritual vitality, enlightenment, meditation, wonder and expression, on the great adventure of life.

  • Our arms are wide to receive our spiritual friends and guides from afar who may raise the consciousness of our children and bring wonder to our shores.
  • An exchange program with incentives, support and assistance with costs may be available to special guests and guides, happy wanders and spiritual friends from all distant lands who come in peace.

New Westralia is an open and inclusive societal structure with organic harmonies, friendships and associations where local, regional and state politics benefit, with enduring international friendships and economic relationships secured by mutual appreciation and understanding of those sovereign interests.

Specific policy goals are being considered in conjunction with community expectations and wishes, this may take a little time to form as we make genuine and concrete partnerships within the community.

New Westralia offers world class resources, and commercial opportunities to encourage trade and technological aspirations in manufacturing, services, food, energy, education, health, IT / Scientific discovery and strong R & D through University, industry and private participation.

A world class destination and hub for international students, inquisitive minds, creative genius and entrepreneurial spirit, bursting with future building energy.

  • What could we do together to make a new and bright beginning.

Our First Policy Directions Are

  • Removal of fraud, coercion, entrapment from illegitimate Government, industry and institutions holding monopolistic power structures.
  • Security of Justice. Law in harmony with Lore.
  • Confidence in Government, Exceptional service and attention to public need.
  • Community engagement, workshops, Civics, developing needs based approach to policy priorities.
  • Cultural engagement and harmony of stake holders.
  • Natural health, therapies, products, food and water cosmetics and apparel where every possible and appropriate.
  • Interconnected society, broad distribution of population and industry,
  • Diversification and innovation, cottage industry and technology blending.
  • Security of person, home and basic living needs (equitable redraw)
  • Arts, and culture, sports, play, life- style, environment and recreation.
  • Many other exciting options for the people to choose a new westralia
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